$299 No garden hose required! Complete Drip Garden System with programmable timer, 6 reusable grow-bags.

DRIP GARDEN - in stock

Product image 1DRIP GARDEN - in stock
Product image 2DRIP GARDEN - in stock
Product image 3DRIP GARDEN - in stock
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Regular price $299.00 Sale price $399.00

Complete Drip Garden system includes:

  • Heavy gauge aluminum frame
  • NEW! 50' Length, 1/4" Water Supply Drip Line With Adapters (replaces need to use a garden hose)
  • 6 reusable grow-bags with UV resistant and shell and air-pruning mesh liner
  • Orbit programmable timer with brass fitting
  • Amiad Tagline Filter/Fertilizer assembly
  • Stainless steel and brass hardware
  • DripTab water soluble fertilizer tablets (sample pack)
  • NEW! Drip Garden Plant Journal: keep notes and loaded with helpful growing tips.

(2 AA batteries, garden hose, plants, potting mix not included)

Drip Garden is a revolution to small-space gardening. The Drip Garden is the first patented, Self-Watering, Self-Feeding, Programmable, Pop-up garden for backyards, patios, urban roof tops, balconies, decks and more.

The Drip Garden brings automated gardening into small outdoor spaces, everyone can now benefit from fresh vegetables and herbs all summer long.

Drip Garden owners will love:  

  • Automatic watering and fertilizing with the programmable timer and Amiad Tagline Filter/Fertilizer included
  • Grow 36 or more plants in a compact 4' x 4' area
  • Easy set-up, assembly and storage
  • Fun and easy low maintenance gardening
  • Adjustable hanger arms increase growing capacity and accommodate large plants
  • Engineered for strength, stability and windy conditions
  • Our unambiguous guarantee: "If it's not right, Drip Garden will make it right"

The revolutionary Drip Garden system is made with premium materials including rust-free and corrosion resistant, heavy duty aluminum tubing, stainless steel and brass hardware, and replaceable component parts making the Drip Garden last for years to come.


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