"Root" By Drip Garden®

Grow your own self-sufficient vegetable garden.

Root is an automated, self-watering, and self-fertilizing system.

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Revolutionize Gardening with Root™

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Customer Reviews

With the Drip Garden, there are no weeds and no backbreaking labor. Thank you Kevin for saving me hours of work and giving me the satisfaction of eating the best fresh vegetables!"

Brenda L., July 13, 2018

Love our Drip Garden! After a week on vacation, Drip Garden is going great! Picking tomatoes everyday."

Debbie A., June 2020

I'm one happy Drip Garden customer, I'll be purchasing another so I can have two of them growing at the same time! Happy Gardening!"

Pam S. TN, May 30, 2019

Thank you Kevin, for the beyond excellent service."

Kathy D., IL

I had never successfully grown tomatoes in my life. Then I got a Drip Garden!"

Joe W., FL 2019

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Orbit Timer with Brass Fitting

We utilize one of the easiest-to-use programmable watering timers on the market in the Drip Garden™ system.  If you would like another, you can buy directly from us!  This Orbit timer is very reliable and features a durable brass fitting.

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Fertilizer Tablets

These Drip Garden fertilizer tablets provide essential nutrients for a thriving garden and contain: Nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria, natural humates, fertilizer, and slow-release organic nutrients for sustained plant growth.

**Note** Young plants utilize nutrients in potting mix, mature plants will thrive from the nutrients of the fertilizer tabs.

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Drip Emitters

Package of six replacement micro drip emitters for "Root" by Drip Garden™

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Meet The Team!

Kevin Murpy, Drip Garden Founder

Kevin was inspired to find a way to garden efficiently and in ways that would engage his grandchildren in the garden. He started Drip Garden and created the Root System to create a product that would make gardening more accessible than ever to all people.

Rebecca Hoeffler, Drip Garden Vice-President

Rebecca is an avid gardener who works in her community to build gardens for her neighbors that need them most. She believes in helping you become your own food producer rather than a dependent consumer. Her goal is to increase access to healthy food and gardening skills for future generations.

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